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Brighton, Hove and the cinema


C Site of the first film show in Brighton (R W Paul's 'Celebrated Animatographe') at the Victoria Hall, King's Road.
D Photographic business run by William Friese-Greene and Esmé Collings in 1889 at 69 Western Road, Brighton. After Friese-Greene's bankruptcy, Collings remains in business here until around 1916. The building is re-numbered 120 in 1893.
H James Williamson's chemist's/photographic business from September 1898 at 55 Western Road, Hove.
M Site of Pandora Gallery, where the first UK film show was held outside London on 25 March 1896

go to directory entry 01 Site of Electric Bioscope (1910-1979), 130 Western Road, Brighton [now part of Waitrose supermarket].
go to directory entry 14 Hove Cinematograph Theatre/Tivoli Cinema/Embassy Cinema (c1912-1981), 1 Western Road, Hove [building still stands—click here for more].

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