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Brighton, Hove and the cinema

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D William Friese Greene and Esmé Collings' photographic studio from 1886 to 1891 at 69 Western Road, Hove; Collings stayed on here .
E Esmé Collings' home in Alexandra Villas, Brighton.
G St Ann's Well Gardens, where George Albert Smith had his 'film works' and studio 1897-1904.
L Charles Urban died at the Lees Nursing Home, 12 Dyke Road in 1942. Homelees House, a sheltered/retirement housing block, now occupies the site. [The numbering of properties in Dyke Road has since changed.]

go to directory entry 01 Site of Electric Bioscope (1910-1979), 130 Western Road, Brighton [now part of Waitrose supermarket].
go to directory entry 14 Former Hove Cinematograph Theatre/Embassy Cinema, 1 Western Road, Hove.

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