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Court Cinema

By 1967 the Paris Cinema 'and Buttery' had been closed for some time and was about to be demolished for re-development

Empire Theatre of Varieties (briefly 1896)
Court Cinema (1909-1947)
occasional cinema use as
Dolphin Theatre (1947-1952)
Her Majesty's Theatre (1952-1955)
regular cinema use as
Paris Cinema (1955-1957)

16-17 New Road, Brighton 02
operated 1909-1957, intermittently from 1952

1896 Chard's Vitagraph has an eight-week run as part of the music hall performances. [The theatre had previously been Wright's New Oxford Music Hall, among other names, and was gutted by fire in 1892. The theatre was reconstructed, to a design by Charles F Clayton of Clayton & Black (see also Duke of York's), and re-named the Empire Theatre of Varieties. Its local nickname was 'Bottings'. It was acquired around 1902 and re-named the Coliseum by Tom Barrasford, whose northern music hall circuit (or 'tour') had expanded southwards and was now based at the Hippodrome in Middle Street.]

1909 Coliseum Theatre has cinema equipment installed and becomes the Court Cinema, run by Mrs Maude Barrasford. 1,250 seats.
1926 February Picture of a fire at the theatre is the first photograph published in the local newspaper, the Evening Argus, whose offices are only two streets away.
1928 May Acquired by General Theatre Corporation (GTC).
1929 Acquired by Majestic (Brighton)
1930 January Equipped for sound (British Acoustic)
1940 June 29 Closed
1946 Acquired by Theatre Royal Brighton (Stage Plays) Ltd
1947 May 24 Re-opens as Dolphin Theatre, remodelled by Morgan & Crook. 850 seats, fortnightly theatrical repertory with occasional film performances.
1952 Renamed Her Majesty's Theatre.
1953 No longer listed in Kine Year Book.
1955 April 6 Renamed Paris Continental Cinema, showing continental films, booked at the hall by Eric J Jenks
1957 Prices 1s 6d-4s. Paris Theatre again operates as a repertory theatre
1962 January 2 Closed (or March 1963?)
1967 Demolished.

Offices now occupy the site.

Photo courtesy of Brighton & Hove Libraries' Brighton History Centre

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